Anne of Avonlea

Anne of Avonlea  by Lucy Maud Montgomery.

This is book #2 in the Anne of Green Gables series. In this book, Anne is 16 and has her first teaching job…right in Avonlea, in the school she attended as a student. This was a really lovely book. Anne is a favourite fictional character of mine, and this book reinforced that belief again! She makes me laugh and I just had to share this quote from the book. In this she’s writing a letter to her friend, Stella, talking about her experiences as a teacher:

It’s so hard not to laugh, Stella. I have to save up all my amusement until I get home, and Marilla says it makes her nervous to hear wild shrieks of mirth proceeding from the east gable without any apparent cause. She says a man in Grafton went insane once and that was how it began. (page 86)

I literally burst out laughing when I read that quote! Classic Anne!!!

I received the first six books in the Anne series when I was a pre-teen. I remember reading the books back then and enjoying them, but reading them again “for the first time” now in my adult life was a brand new experience! I appreciated Anne’s humour and Marilla’s sarcasm so much more than I did as a younger person. I’m currently slowly making my way through the rest of the series over the next months. Enjoying every minute of it!!!

*My progress for this Challenge is 5/13.


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