Home For Christmas: Stories of Wonder and Joy

Home For Christmas: Stories of Wonder and Joy  by John Forrest

Set in rural Canada from the 1930s through the 1950s, this five-story collection flows chronologically and presents a historically accurate depiction of life in a rural Canadian community. In the lead story “Becca’s Star” the Stones, a “depression era” Ontario farm family, find their already meagre Christmas threatened by winter’s wrath and then made forever memorable by an unlikely ally and a mysterious star. In “Home for Christmas?” the drama increases when, separated by war, with a son missing in action, the Stone family can only hope to be reunited for Christmas. In “Our Christmas Carol” Christmas is marked by two births in the Stone family, only one of which was planned, and in “The Gift of Giving” the Stones find a way to brighten the Christmas and the future of a neighbouring family. In the finale, “A Community Christmas,” a snowbound train, stranded passengers and surprise gifts contribute to a remarkable celebration of Christmas in the Stone’s community.” (Goodreads)

This was a sweet collection of stories, based around one family. Interesting to see the progression of the family as they grow up and change. It was slightly predictable and too perfect, but these were entertaining stories centering around Christmas. I wouldn’t read this collection again, but it was nice for a one-time read.

*My progress for the Canadian Book Challenge is 14/13!!


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